Hello everybody. I just felt like joining the blog world now that I am drawing towards the end of my MSc research. During the past 18 months, I have been very busy with my MSc work such that I could not find time to express myself thru blogging.

Well, since my MSc is by research, it is generally more hectic and unpredictable compared to the taught one. One former lecturer of mine told me that studying by research is analogous to sea waves.

At one point things seem to be moving in the right direction.Your papers are accepted in big IEEE conferences/journals. You receive a substantial amount of bonus because you have done some breakthrough work. When things happen like that you are certainly on the crest (high point) of the wave.At some point, studying by research is like hell has broken loose. Your code produces segmentation errors and u have spent many days trying to debug it.You are failing to analyse a complex mathematical problem for several weeks.Your papers for journal/conference have been rejected with awful reviewer comments. At this point in time its like you are in the trough (low point) of the wave. Nothing is good at this stage. You do not enjoy even your favorite meal at this point.In fact you do not even have the appetite at all.

In my research studies, I have gone to both extremes but I thank God because I have predominantly spent more time on the crest than in the trough. Whenever a trough seemed like overtaking me, God (Unkulukulu in Zulu) has always been making a way out for me.

I will talk more about my research work and future plans later.I think this is enough for today. Nisale kahle (Nice stay).

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