One thing that has really fascinated me during my sojourn in this Rainbow nation (South Africa) is the introduction of the SA VoIP Network (SA VoIP).I came to know about the existence of this nework through browsing (during those times when I am tired and taking some time off my work). When I checked their site, I was thrilled to see that some pipo have profound business acumen.I took a risk by joining this network when it had only 220 members sometime in November 2005.

SAVoIP is a business which started some time last year after the deregulation of the telecommunication industry .The main aim of SAVoIP, as youwill see from their site, is to make the benefits and some of the money generated from the deregulation in the telecommunications industry available to a common man. In terms of marketing they use relationship marketing in order to sell SA VoIP-you tell a friend, who tells other friends who tell other friends, and so on. As the number of members that u have introduced grows, your commision also grows exponentially. The growth rate of this young network is already staggering!!!As of Friday, 5 May 2006, 21:23pm, the membership was 15,381.The official launch of SA VoIP network will take place in two weeks time in Bloemfontein.If u are in South Africa and you want to join SAVoIP Network, follow the instructions on their website but remember to include my cell number 072 140 4564 as the number of your introducer.

Another issue that is worthy mentioning is that you get discounts as an SAVoIP member when you buy prepaid airtime (Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C and MTN) from them.

I look forward to seeing other African countries emulating South Africa on deregulating the telecommunication industry so that the common man can also enjoy fruits of the digital revolution.

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