Pheromone effect

One of the most important characteristics responsible for the wisdom of ants lies in the way they communicate amongst themselves. Ant communication is accomplished primarily through chemicals called pheromones.

When ants are looking for food, they initially wander randomly, and upon finding food, they return to their nest while laying down pheromone trails along their path. Each ant probabilistically prefers to follow a path richer in pheromone rather than a poorer one. Ants which, will choose by chance, the shorter path between the nest and the food source, will more move between the nest and the food source at a higher frequency compared to those which chose the longer one. As a result, they will rapidly enhance the pheromone trail on that particular path such that a higher number of ants will choose the shorter path. Due to this positive feedback (autocalyptic) process, very soon, all ants will choose the shorter path. This helps to ensure that ants collect a lot of food in a short period of time.

Lessons for human beings

Ants are very simple organisms compared to human beings. Unlike ants, human beings are very sophisticated but very selfish at the same time. After ants have collected the food, they eventually eat it together as a colony. The other thing is that the level of trust for one another exhibited by ants is much higher compared to that of human beings. By laying pheromone trails on their paths, ants guide each other to better paths. This is not usually the case amongst us as human beings.Here are some of the issues that I have seen in life:

  1. Sometimes, you will find a person deliberately guiding his friend wrongly basically because he does not want his friend to do well in life.
  2. Sometimes, you will find people failing to use good guidance from others simply because they do not trust the giver and in the process, they fail to progress in life.
  3. Sometimes, you will find senior people in our society not using guidance from a younger person simply because they consider themselves too senior to be guided by such a person.
  4. Sometimes, people prefer to do things from a scratch, even when their predecessors did all the ground work, either because they are despising their predecessors’ work or because they want to make a name for themsleves.

As human beings, we can do much better in life if:

  1. we humble ourselves and strive to be trustworty.
  2. we are driven by the desire to make life better for others.By so doing others will also do the same for us.Remember the Bible, in Luke 6:31, says ” Do to others as you would have them do to you.