I have taken some time before making a posting after entering 2007. Well, I went to Malawi for Christmas and New Year holidays. I had a good time with my family such that I had a self-imposed three week break from the internet except for time-sensitive emails. As a result, my blog activities were grounded.I arrived in South Africa on Friday, 19 January 2006 after a long bus ride. Soon after arrival, I rushed to an internet cafe to check if there were any time-sensitive emails.I, however, had the greatest shock of my life.

An avalanche of emails about the untimely death of Mangaliso Jere, one of my young uncles, had accumulated in my ICTAM mailbox (ICTAM =ICT Association of Malawi).I was shocked. I could not believe what I was reading.For some time, I just sat before that computer in that Sunnyside cafe.

Although I tried to control myself, some people could still notice that all was not well with me. After some time, I gathered some strength and sneaked out of the cafe. I phoned some relatives back home.They explained to me the circumstances through which we lost Mangaliso (I will not explain them here). I discovered that Mangaliso left us while I was on the bus coming down to RSA.

Up to now, it still looks like its a dream that Manga is no more. Personally, I say, rest in peace MANGA. For abuya, Mrs Jere (Manga’s mother), I know that you are strong woman but this is just too much for you. Since 1990, the times have not been good for you.My prayer is that the Almighty God will surround you with his lovingkindness and peace that transcends all understanding.