Marnus van Niekerk has finally decided to wind up the SAVoIP Network after some difficult months.SAVoIP Network came into being after South Africa’s deregulation of the telecommunication industry.In his email, Marnus says the projected income from members using their products never materialised-less than 1% of the network’s more than 26,000 members ordered prepaid airtime or used the voip facility to call internationally.

However, the overheads needed to be covered monthly.The ‘outflow’ was just far greater than the ‘inflow’!As a result, Marnus was left with no other option but to call it a day.On my part, all I can to Marnus, is that you tried.I wish you all the best in the other business ventures.I hope you will now play an advisory role to anyone venturing in VoIP business in future.

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