A year ago, at 6:49 AM, I posted my first entry on this blog after being inspired by Soyapi Mumba and late Mangaliso Jere (May His Soul Rest In Peace). I had always desired to blog after being entertained by these guys’ blogs but my MSc research would not give me a chance for that.

As my research was drawing to a close, I started blogging and there is no way back now. Blogging has now become one of my major pastimes. Not only have I made new friends through it but I have also managed to link up with former school mates like Victor Kaonga who used to be one year ahead of me at Rumphi Secondary School (aka RUSESCHO). During the past blog year, I posted 23 entries.My blog site enjoyed 1176 page loads and 573 profile views from all over the world. I am very grateful to all the people that have been patronizing this blog.

One of the events from the past blog year that will always evoke fond memories is my trip to Canada where I presented a paper at the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2006) in Vancouver. It was my first time to fly out of Africa and more than that to step my feet on three continents (Africa, Europe and North America) within two days.

At WCCI 2006, I also won an FUZZ-IEEE travel grant worth USD750 in recognition of the paper that I presented there. I also enjoyed attending a plenary session by Lotfi Zadeh, the father of fuzzy logic, a field which is fast becoming the mainstay of my research endeavours. This trip also gave me a chance to visit the Munthalis in Brampton, Ontario (Sekulu, abuya,Suzgo and Tapiwa, it was nice visiting you.God bless you abundantly for the hospitality). I will always remember the trip to Niagara Falls.

Now for the blog year that has just started today, I sense in the spirit that great things will take place. Watch this space!