I will be in Durban on 17 April 2007. I will be attending my MScEng graduation at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College Campus). By the way, I passed my MScEng (Computer Engineering) with distinction.I thank God for this milestone in my life. It was difficult studying down there while my family was still in Malawi.

My acknowledgments go to the following:

  • My wife Felistas for her understanding and encouragement during this period.
  • Professor Dawoud Dawoud for his guidance and insightfulness throughout my entire study period.
  • My grandmother Nyangwira at Mzokoto for instilling in me a hard-working spirit and the fear of the Lord from a tender age.
  • The African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI) for their financial support towards my graduate studies.
  • Telkom South Africa and Alcatel for providing the equipment necessary for my studies and the financial support that enabled me to present parts of my work at SATNAC 2005, WCCI 2006 and SATNAC 2006.
  • Fellow graduate students at the Radio Access Technologies Centre for their assistance and the wonderful time we had together.
  • Various relatives and members of the body of Christ for their moral and material support for my family during this period.
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