I arrived in Durban on Sunday morning after travelling over night. I was warmly welcomed by Pastor Mandevu and his wife at their home in Malvern. That same morning, I attended a church service where Pastor Mandevu was ministering. On Monday morning, I went to the Howard College Campus, where the Faculty Officer confirmed to me that everything was in place for my graduation.

On Tuesday morning, brother Micky, a member of the Water of Life Church in Durban gave us (Pastor Mandevu, his wife and I) a lift to the Westville Campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the venue of the graduation ceremony. I met my Zambian buddy, Joseph Kang’ombe Makasa who was also graduating with an MScEng in Electrical Engineering. It was nice to meet Joseph at this function. I entered the graduands’ section of the hall with him while Pastor Mandevu and his wife went to the section prepared for guardians and relatives. The event, itself, was brief. It was nice walking up front there and having the MScEng degree conferred on me by the Acting Chancellor, Prof Malegapuru Makgoba with photographs being taken. I then went on to collect my paper. A number of photos were also taken outside the hall after the event. After that, brother Micky picked us up and we had our lunch at his home in Morningside. We went back to the pastor’s home around 4 O’clock. The photos of the graduation event will be posted here later.

Meanwhile, I am still in Durban. I will go back to Pretoria tomorrow. I will then proceed to Malawi where I will be staying for the time being. Now, I really need to embark on my permanent head development (PhD) studies. Answers to questions like where and when I will do my PhD studies will be given later.

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