AGLOCO , which is a short form for “A GLObal COmmunity, is an Internet based economic network, which enables members to Get their share of the Internet. AGLOCO reveals that advertisers, search companies, online merchants and other businesses currently pay lots of companies to deliver people like you and me to them for attention and commerce. With this revelation, we can conclude that these companies are enriching themselves behind our backs (akutidyera masuku pamutu, in my vernacular Chichewa language, contact me if you want to learnt it!).

In light of this, AGLOCO promises to be a global community of Internet users whose active members can be paid for all their online activity. You do not have to do anything extraordinary to be part of this revolution. You just have to sign up. It’s fast and you pay absolutely nothing for it.There are no hidden costs. After that, you are supposed to install the Viewbar™, which will be available shortly.

Once you install the Viewbar™ software it will automatically record the time you’re actively online, and you will be paid for it. If you refer your friends and family, AGLOCO will pay you even more cash and shares. With these developments, AGLOCO has already created a worldwide online shockwave. Thousands and thousands of people are signing up every day. Some analysts are saying that after Google and Youtube, AGLOCO is the next big thing.

While many members are joining AGLOCO, I have found several anti-AGLOCO comments on the Internet which are discouraging some people from joining AGLOCO. A few days ago, I made a few comments against these anti-AGLOCO campaigners on Now I would like to express myself even more clearly here on my own blog. I think it is very wise sign up up for AGLOCO because of the following reasons:

  1. You pay absolutely nothing for it. Therefore, by joining AGLOCO, you lose nothing. In the event that it fails, as the skeptics suggest, you will lose nothing. You have the liberty to quit without any problems. If it proves to be the next big thing, as several analysts have pointed out, you are bound to be part and parcel of that revolution. At that time it might be difficult for the current doubting Thomases to join AGLOCO. Who knows, you might even be required to pay a lot of $$$ to join AGLOCO at that time. Therefore, it is wise to join AGLOCO right now.
  2. Some people have been saying that AGLOCO will fail because it is a reincarnation of AllAdvantage which was launched on March 31, 1999. Records show that Alladvantage managed to raise nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation. AllAdvantage paid out $100 million to its members; a few members were earning $10,000 to $15,000 a month.It however had to wind up in 2001 because Web advertising had dried up. Based on this, some people argue that AGLOCO will fail because it uses similar principles to the ones which used in AllAdvantage and that some of its co-founders (eg. Jim Jorgensen) were also involved in AllAdvantage. My view is different. If something is reincarnated, it appears in a different form, especially after it has disappeared for a period of time (Cambridge Online dictionary). The major reason for reincarnating is to ensure that it should be able to survive in an environment where its predecessor failed to survive. With this understanding, I would like to point out that AGLOCO will embrace all the positive attributes of AllAdvantage (unfortunately, these skeptics NEVER talk about these attributes). AGLOCO will also put in place mechanisms that will help to address the problems encountered in the AllAdvantage scheme. After all, most things in life do not succeed at the first attempt. That’s why students sometimes pass with flying colours after repeating a certain course.Therefore, it wise to join AGLOCO.
  3. One thing that I have observed is that most of the people that are bashing AGLOCO are those whose online business interests are threatened. They see that AGLOCO will take away their members. As a result, they have no choice but to demonize AGLOCO as much as possible in order to damage it in its infancy before they, themselves, are sent packing due to lack of patronage. Do not follow their advice because they want to continue making $$$ behind your backs. It wise to join AGLOCO because you will paid for your usual online activities.
  4. When a good thing is coming up, there will always be negative sentiments. Even Lotfi Zadeh , the father of fuzzy logic, encountered criticism in connection to the fuzzy logic theory which he proposed some decades ago. Some sections of the society still regard fuzzy logic as controversial maybe because the principles outlined in it are a threat to their own career orientations. Despite all this, nowadays, there is a wide acceptance and a broad track record of successful applications of fuzzy logic. I hope that with this observation, you can now agree with me that it is really wise to sign up for AGLOCO.