During one of my aimless web browing sessions after a very busy day, I stumbled upon a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation web page.This site announces that the foundation’s Global Libraries initiative invites applications from libraries and similar organizations outside the United States that have created new ways to offer these key services:

  1. Free public access to computers and the Internet
  2. Public training to assist users in accessing online information that can help improve their lives
  3. Technology training for library staff
  4. Outreach to underserved communities

The award recipient will receive $1 million. If you know any library or organization that is eligible for this award, encourage them to apply for this award.They might end up winning this prestigious award. Specifically, I would like to encourage African libraries and similar organizations, not to miss out on this one. On my part, I wish all the African applicants, all the best 🙂

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