Aodhan Cullen, the guy who launched the booming Irish Web analytics startup known as Statcounter when he was just 16, is now the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!!! I would like to congratulate Aodhan for the job well done. Although I have been a member of Statcounter for one year now, I did not know that the guy at the helm of this exciting stat tracking service is that young.

Some of my friends who have used different stat tracking services have confirmed that Statcounter is by far the best. The BusinessWeek further reports that

Venture capitalists have been beating a path to his door but so far the young entrepreneur says he isn’t interested in being bought out. He says he wants to continue growing the company, which has been profitable from the start, on his own, by improving the services he can offer his customers. That’s the spirit!

In a related development, a few months ago Statcounter shunned an advertiser who offered them lots of $$$ on condition that they include a spyware cookie on all of their member sites. I would like to encourage Aodhan and the entire Statcounter crew to really continue growing the company in their own way.Let the Statcounter philosophy continue to grow. Don’t get swallowed by the big guns!Frequent visitors to this blog know that I am not a fan of this business of swallowing techie startups.

Once again, congratulations to Aodhan for the job well done!