In an effort to get my own share of the blogosphere, I promote my blog on a number of online platforms. Of these, BlogCatalog is currently the most exciting. I joined BlogCatalog earlier this month after landing on their page by sheer luck in yet another aimless surfing session. At first, I had a few problems with the BlogCatalog team because they rejected my blog twice.On the first rejection they told me that the URL that I had submitted was not a blog, is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.I did not sit back.I resubmitted the same URL.Then they replied by telling me that my blog was declined because it did not have a link back to Blog Catalog. I added the said link and went on to resubmit my blog.This time it was accepted:)

I am pleased to report that I am now enjoying the fruits of my insistence. Besides the increase in traffic to my blog, the The BlogCatalog discussion has turned out to be a great revelation to my blogging life. The BC discussion has given me the opportunity to interact with bloggers from all over the world. It is really helping me to be on the leading edge of events in the blogosphere. One great aspect of the BC discussion is that it is user-driven. Discussions range from blogging to general day to day issues that affect us a human beings. Some of the great fellows that I have met through BC discussions include Rocky John Tayaban, Stoneman, Claudio, Jonathan Phillips, identikit and many others.

If you have not yet joined BlogCatalog, I recommend that you consider joining it!

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