As Google and Microsoft compete to deliver online storage services, it is interesting to see other lesser known players doing well in this business. Recently, I stumbled upon a Webaction posting which presents a list of free online storage services. Apart from reproducing the list here, I will provide the links to the their websites in order to save you from the hassle of googling or yahooing them out. Here we go:

  • Box – 1 Gb free space
  • 4shared – 1 Gb free space
  • DriveHQ – 1 Gb free space
  • VMN – 1 Gb free space
  • Dropboks – 1 Gb free space, 50 Mb file size limit
  • esnips – 5 Gb free space
  • MediaMax – 25 Gb free space, 10 Mb file size limit
  • OmniDrive – 1 Gb free space

As the digital age continues to evolve, do not deny yourself. Utilize these freely available online facilities. They are meant for you. If you know other similar sites, place their links in the comments section below. Spread the word and let us all enjoy 🙂

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