Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from Rob Gabriel, the developer and founder of MyLiveSearch notifying me and many other anxious technology enthusiasts that the WWW’s first true live search engine’s much awaited public beta will be launched on 29th August 2007. To quote Rob Gabriel in his own words, he says

Some time back you showed interest in MyLiveSearch, I am happy to announce that MyLiveSearch will be launching its much awaited public beta on Wednesday 29th August 2007.

You will receive an email just before that date to allow you to have access to the MyLiveSearch plug-in. I would have hoped to release the beta release earlier but strongly believe that continued development has now made MyLiveSearch even more advanced than ever before.

Once you try MyLiveSearch you will be able to explore the internet like never before and see for yourself how this technology will have a profound impact on how you search the internet.I appreciate your time and interest today and look forward in helping you to push the boundaries of this amazing new technology.

This is good news to all of us. It somehow comes as a direct response to my earlier post, in which I asked about MyLiveSearch’s exact launch date. Did Rob Gabriel read my post? I don’t know. That aside, I am now eagerly looking forward to MyLiveSearch’s beta phase. I am really interested in observing the liveness of its searches.I am also interested in learning its algorithmic constructs in order to fully understand its uniqueness.I plan to optimize my blog on this search engine. With the buzz that MyLiveSearch has created, I will surely get more visitors through them.

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