A friend of mine at Marketing Pond sent me an invitation to join MobiK. He said that with MobiK , one can send free sms to all friends from a computer as well as from a mobile phone. One can make new friends and earn some cash from taking part in surveys and from downlines.

When I clicked the link, I was taken through a good tour which taught me more about their service. I was, however, let down when I tried to join them because my country, Malawi, is not on the list of eligible countries. I also established that most countries in Sub Sahara Africa are also not on the list. I therefore would like to ask MobiK to extend their operations to Sub Sahara Africa as soon as possible. If you know some guys at MobiK please forward this message to them! They must emulate Vyke, who have introduced VoIP retail calls to Africa at near to wholesale rates.

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