It is an indisputable fact that facebook is one of the greatest online social utilities of our time. I joined facebook a few weeks ago after a long period of hesitation. Within a short period of time, I have managed to link up with many of my family members, old friends and even new ones. However, I have been having some problems with facebook for the past two weeks.

They disabled my account because I took repeated actions that had been construed as spam by the facebook system. I really did this because I was desperately looking for a particular piece of information. I resorted to sending the same message to different people on facebook to increase the probability of getting the information.

Upon querying the facebook team, they told me that after reviewing my situation, they have reconfirmed my account and I should now be able to access it again. I am glad because my account is back!I have created several links already using this account. I would like to inform my facebook friends that I am back 🙂

The facebook support team further advised me not send or post any more form messages because further violations of their Terms will result in the termination of my account. I guess this experience serves as a lesson to other people as well.

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