My League of Five is a new feature that I am introducing on this blog today. This feature will carry a short review of five blogs or blog posts that have impressed me in particular month. The inaugural My League of Five posting includes the following:

  1. Malawi Politics: This is a place where you can get the latest political news on Malawi. Somebody posted a link to this blog on Nyasanet, a discussion forum for Malawians. Upon clicking the link, I discovered that the blog has lots of information on Malawian politics.
  2. Manchild:Roderick O. Solomon is the man behind this inspirational blog. I came to know this blog through Mybloglog. This blog really provides inspiration to brighten dark days and lonely nights when all seems lost. It is also interesting to see that this blog is not monetized.
  3. Digital Dreams: This is a tech blog written by Sureshkumar Jeyakumar (I like the rhyme in his name). I visited this blog for the first time a few weeks ago.It offers great tech tips. I would enjoy it very much if Suresh can be updating it more frequently.
  4. Rocky John Tayaban’s blog: I came to know this blog through the BlogCatalog discussion forum, where Rocky John’s discussion threads attract widespread participation. On the other hand, his blog is also full of information on blogs and blogging. It offers great tips for both the new and the experienced blogger.
  5. The United Fakes of America: Authored by Charles Rey, a sociopolitical critic and public speaker, this blog is a place where global news is explained as simply as possible but not simpler. I like Charles’ way of thinking and writing skills. I hope to brush up my writing skills based on what I learn from him.
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