Some weeks ago, I submitted my details to become part of the My Live Search beta program.My Live Search is said to be the first true, real-time search engine to appear on the www.It is also said to be the only engine that searches the www live to the second.With such capabilities, this search engine has created a lot of hype in the cyberspace.I even blogged about it some few weeks ago.I am really interested in observing the liveness of its searches.I am also interested in learning its algorithmic constructs in order to fully understand its uniqueness.

As of now, I am somehow becoming less enthusiastic because they haven’t launched the beta program up to now. Mind you, this is August! What surprises me most is the fact that the beta program is taking this long to kick off even after the technology has been in development for the past 8 years.If they knew that there was still some work to be done, they should have kept quiet and reserved the attractive announcements until everything is set.What do you think?

In a related development, I recently stumbled on two interesting search engines – WORiO from Vancouver,Canada and mahalo from USA. I will be covering these as well as some latest updates on My Live Search in my upcoming posts. All in all, I wish the My Live Search team all the best:)

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