I have some good news for all people who comment on my posts. I have removed the NO FOLLOW attribute on my comments.I used the the guidelines outlined by Rocky John Tayaban.

I will begin by explaining the origins of this attribute just in case someone is lost. All blogger templates have a default NO FOLLOW attribute on their comments.This is done in order to discourage spamming. Although this is good, the negative effect is that search engines such as Google will not follow any links created on your comments.

The removal of the NO FOLLOW attribute on my blog will enable search engines to follow the links created on my comments. So, from now onwards, if you comment on my posts, the links that you leave behind will be recognized by search engines. This is a wonderful way of thanking you for reading and commenting on my posts. By so doing, my online community will continue to grow.I just hope that other bloggers will follow suit.

In case you are scared of spammers with the removal of the NO FOLLOW attribute, I advise that you activate comment moderation on your blog. This will enable you to review every comment left on your blog before it gets published.You can activate comment moderation by doing the following:

  1. Click Settings on your blogger dashboard
  2. Click Comments on the settings page
  3. Scroll down until you find Enable Comment Moderation?
  4. On Enable Comment Moderation?, Click the Yes Option
  5. Type your email in the Comments Notification form
  6. Click Save Settings

When you do this, you will receive all comments on your posts in your email. You will have the liberty to either reject or publish them.

I have submitted my blog to the following no follow free blog categories:

  1. “Do Follow” Blog Directory
  2. Blogs That Follow

I hope to get even more traffic and comments from these directories. If you have removed the no follow attribute from your comments, you can also submit your blog to these directories.

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