It has been reported that Google is losing ground in China to despite continued their heavy investments in the Chinese market.This is good news to me, although I am an ardent fan of Google. Why do I say this? Well, there is another passion within me that surpasses my love for Google.

As an enthusiastic tech person who would like to witness the rise of many national ICT entrepreneurs, I am really delighted to see that is gaining ground in China.This serves as a lesson to ICT captains in other countries that instead of dreaming of getting employed in the Google empire, they must consider setting up Baidu-like firms which can compete with Google. Why should Google come all the way from USA to help me search for local information and show me local adverts ? I am sure you will agree with me that if we had our own local search engines and advertizers, the service would have been far much better because locals know their area better.That’s why is succeeding.