Yesterday, I wanted to put up a post on my Statcounter woes of last Saturday but I was so preoccupied with the Blogrush issue such that I ended up shifting this post to today because I did not have time to make two posts yesterday.

To begin with, I have always pointed out on this blog that I really like Statcounter.I signed up for Statcounter in the early stages of this blog and it has become my tracker of choice. This tracking software provides free information on 500 page views per month. Its cool features include the following: provision of real time tracking, downloading of your stats to excel, great keyword analysis, tracking of returning visitors by IP address and detailing visit history. The other plus is that their page loads faster than other services. With these attributes, many websites and blogs have fallen in love with Statcounter and it did not surprise me when the founder of Statcounter, Aodhan Cullen became the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

I log on to my Statcounter everyday and I enjoy seeing the latest traffic to my site. I feel good when I see people from all over the world viewing my page. I usually log on to Statcounter not less than three times a day. I am kind of addicted. It is on the basis of this addiction that this beloved stat service provider of mine ruined my last Saturday. As I went to my office, as usual, I had to check my blog traffic stats from the previous night. I was shocked to find that there were no stats recorded for the past 12 hours. At first, I thought that probably the Statcounter code in my blog template was malfunctioning. I installed a new peiece of code immediately.When I tried to view my blog, I found that no stat was recorded then I realized that my beloved Statcounter was having a server problem. I checked the Statcounter user forum and I confirmed that the Statcounter servers indeed had a problem.Someone even said our stats for the past 12 hours will be lost forever.This made me even more angry because I am doing some traffic experiments and optimization on my blog. I, then, signed up with another lesser known stat provider for that period in order to at least have some stats. I, even, wanted to leave Statcounter for good. As I was toggling between whether to leave or to continue with Statcounter, someone told me to lodge a personal complaint with the Statcounter team, which I did.

Now, I am pleased to report that the Statcounter Support team humbly confessed that indeed they had a problem and that they were really embarrassed because of what had happened. They further assured me that they will work on my account and ensure that I get back all my stats. After a few hours, my two projects were back to life with all the stats for the period when no new stats were being displayed. I have now renewed my love for Statcounter.They handled this crisis professionally.They were very humble and really worked to help me not to lose any stat. I have since deleted my account from the lesser known stat provider. I will stick to Statcounter.