I have just read an interesting post by Ethan Zukerman, in which he expresses his disappointment after he found out that very few African blogs have featured on the Best of Blogs (BOBs) map of nominated blogs so far.

This is happening because most people in Africa lack information on things like these. In my case, Ethan’s post gave me an opportunity to learn about the BOBs awards for the very first time and I am sure most of my African brothers and sisters do not know anything about these awards as yet. Many thanks to Ethan for letting me know about these awards. I hope that many other people will get to know about these awards through this post. I have since nominated one African blog. I will nominate some more African blogs in the coming days. I strongly encourage fellow Africans and everyone with a heart for Africa to nominate their favorite African blogs. Let us put Africa on the map! Nominations are open up to the end of the month. You can even commit yourself to nominating one African blog per day just like Ethan and other folks are doing.If you want to find out more about great African blogs, blogafrica and afrigator will help you do that.