Last week, Jeremy Miller sent me an invite to join My immediate thought was that he was returning a favor to me because a few weeks ago, I sent him a pownce invite (I am glad he joined and now he is one of my pownce friends). In light of this, I quickly went to the Quechup site and signed up for their service.

After signing up, they offered to check my contacts to see if anyone else I knew was already on the service.This is not uncommon in the world of social networking, because Facebook, Myspace and many other networks do it in the same way, so I agreed.I entered my gmail info just like I did when I joined facebook a few weeks ago.

Quechup has now sent emails to everyone of in my gmail address book inviting them to join Quechup in my name. Now, my mailbox is being filled up with Quechup friend alerts from all over the world. Some people are even asking me why I invited them. Therefore, I would like to ask everyone who has received an invite to join Quechup from me to please ignore it.Please accept my profound apologies for subjecting you to these spam bandits. If you did sign up, please delete your account forthwith because you never know what these guys are going to do next.

If you have just noticed these messages in your mailbox, please delete them. If you have been used to Quechup-spam other people already, please do not send out multiple messages of apology to all your address book contacts, because that, in itself, might be construed as spam by gmail, yahoo and other mail giants out there. You account might be disabled just like Matt Staggs, who after being tricked by ended up sending all his contacts an apology. This resulted in an email blast which has caused Google to suspend his Gmail account.

As pointed out by Jeremy, Quechup may be a fine social networking site but their underhanded tactics to gain new members is unethical.

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