I wanted to wind up my day with a posting on my Statcounter nightmare last Saturday but I will save that for tomorrow. Why have I made such a decision? BlogRush is the cause!

BlogRush is a new service that has been launched to help bloggers increase traffic to their blogs and web sites exponentially.These guys have created a huge buzz in the blogosphere such that almost every active blogger is rushing to their site to sign up in order to increase traffic to their sites exponentially as explained by the BlogRush founder, John Reese. As a tech enthusiast and an active blogger, I did not want to be overtaken by the events. I have since signed up for BlogRush.I also referred a few of my blog friends to this service. When you sign up with them, you will install a BlogRush widget on your blog.Each time the widget displays you earn a ‘credit’ which means that a recent headline from your own blog will be displayed on someone else’s blog. If your blog gets 1000 page views a day your headline will be displayed 1000 times on other people’s blogs.That sounds great!

They also implement a referral system so that if another blogger signs up to BlogRush after clicking through to it from your widget you get credits each time that referral blog shows the widget. This system goes 10 tiers deep. Although I like the BlogRush idea, I am of the view that, just like the Agloco referral system, only high profile bloggers and the first sign-ups will benefit from the BlogRush referral system. The top bloggers are naturally expected to have more referrals because the number of visitors to their blogs are already very high.The probability of these visitors to sign up at BlogRush through their widgets is therefore very high. This will lead to more exposure for the high profile blogs on the BlogRush widget while on the other hand, smaller sites will have less exposure.Even the little traffic that they will receive will be rerouted to the big boys. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me when I see almost all high profile bloggers blogging positively about BlogRush.These are just my preliminary views.What do you think? As of now, I have given BlogRush three weeks to prove me wrong.

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