For the past few months, I have been following the battle for supremacy in the Chinese market between Google and local rivals Baidu with great interest. For once, I was very excited because a local company is giving Google a good run for their $$$. I even put up a good free review on Baidu a few weeks ago.I have always thought that the playing field in the Chinese market is level, as expected. But the news that I got from Techcrunch and Chris’ site today proves otherwise. A look at the image below (which I took from Chis’ site) tells you something:

It looks like Google’s traffic is being hijacked by Baidu and if they have been doing it all this time, then no wonder Google is failing to compete with them. I expect Baidu and China Netcom to issue a statement on such damaging ISP level redirects. Was it a software configuration problem? If it was, why does it redirect traffic to a competitor. So many questions are being asked. But as of now, my liking for Baidu has reached the lowest point. Fair competition against the giants is necessary! My final question is this. With this revelation, can Google sue Baidu? Just wondering!