Very sad news coming from the Republic of South Africa, Africa’s number one economy.Lucky Dube, the celebrated reggae star is no more!He was shot dead in the Rosettenville Suburb of Johannesburg at about 8.20pm on Thursday, 18 October 2007.

Through his music, Dube helped in sensitizing the world about the hardships faced by black people in South Africa during the days of apartheid.Very sad indeed to note that the freedom that he firmly campaigned for has created “other freedoms” i.e.crime, abortion,same sex marriages, one of which (crime) has eventually led to his own demise.This just confirms that South Africa is not a safe place to stay, whether you are well-known or not.This is sending out wrong signals to the world as the country prepares to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup.In reaction, President Thabo Mbeki made an appeal to South Africans to confront the scourge of crime together.As he was leaving for France to support the Springboks in the World Cup final, he said

This is indeed very, very sad that this happened to an outstanding South African — an outstanding musician, world renowned. Even as we prepare to celebrate the victory of the Springboks, we must also grieve the death of an outstanding South African and indeed make a commitment that we shall continue to act together as a people to confront this terrible scourge of crime, which has taken the lives of too many of our people — and does so every day. Perhaps when we bring back the cup that will also be a salute to a fellow artist — as the Springboks are artists — to the life of a really great South African artist, Lucky Dube.

What will that cup do to Dube’s family for the loss of their beloved son, brother, father, bread winner etc.? The President should have made a better speech in line with magnitude of this tragedy.On the overall, the President, as a number one citizen, must accept that violent crime in South Africa is out of control, and that government’s remedies to address this scourge have failed so far. The government must seriously start looking at new ways in its fight against crime. The Police force must be revamped. Relieve the current Police bosses of their duties. Bring in some new people who may come in with new ideas!

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