Magic Loans, a UK based loan firm has launched a new website ( The organization of their site is great and elegant. It is very informative, arranged by category and it is easy to get the information that one needs.Home Loans UK is one of their key services.

In order to improve their website further, I suggest that they should mention their target area of business explicitly on their home page.As it is, I can tell that they are targeting UK residents because of their domain name ( However, some people who browse the Internet may not be in a position to tell that this service is for UK residents based on the domain name. On the other hand, in a world which is fast becoming a global village, my assumption may as well be wrong. Sometimes I have seen websites created for a particular country (by virtue of their domains) getting a lot of traffic from a different country. Therefore, on the home page, one portion must explicitly state that their target customers are UK residents or EU residents (if that is the case) as follows

Flexible, affordable loansAre you a UK resident?Do you see yourself worry free, raising finance to consolidate those high interest credit cards and loans? Perhaps you want to purchase a brand new car or transform the house into what you always knew it could be? Magic Loans provide secured homeowner loans of between £5,000 and £250,000 for any purpose, allowing for repayment from 3 and up to 30 years.

Words, in italics, have been added by me. When folks from other countries see this, they will know that this is not for them before they get excited.