Of late, I have observed a huge increase in the number of visits from US residents to this blog. Last year, when I had just started this blog, UK residents were having an upper hand, particularly because a good number of my Malawian friends have moved to the UK (I guess it is is easier to move to UK than to USA for most Malawians).

These UK based friends have been visiting my blog on a regular basis for the past one year.I just hope that they will continue doing so and even introduce this blog to their colleagues. Now, the great news is that after some SEO tweaking, my US fan base is exploding!Most of the US visitors land on my blog organically through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Ask etc. I have also received some good traffic from US based friends at BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog. Some of them have eventually become regular visitors. My Statcounter limit is 500 and, as of today, 190 of the 500 visits are from USA while 74 are from UK. This trend is so exciting considering that I am based in Sub-Saharan Africa.