The blogosphere is awash with news about the three PageRank updates that have taken place this month. In one of my posts, I advised people whose blogs/websites had been penalized to concentrate on improving their blogs/websites other than cursing Google. However, I was expecting some official communication from Google about all these events (If there has been any communication from the giants, please update me).

I started blogging sometime last year.At that time, I did not know anything about PageRank.I have, however, discovered that PageRank is a very important number if one’s blog is to get traffic from Google’s search engine. Some friends I have made online have confessed that in the past they lost a lot of traffic because of PageRank decreases. Now because of the power that the Google search engine has, every blogger/web master wants to have a high PageRank. The word PageRank can even be more popular than Adsense, Blogger and even youtube because it affects everyone who wants to make his/her online presence felt. Surprisingly, Google keeps PageRank issues under wraps.

Adsense, blogger and many other Google services have their own blogs. I suggest that Google must come up with a PageRank blog through which they will be continuously making updates relating to PageRank issues. Otherwise, speculations and uncertainties surrounding the PageRank issue are not healthy for the development of the Internet. The people of the Internet must not be living in uncertainty. I understand that Google’s mission is to unearth hidden information and in line with the same, they must be more transparent on PageRank issues. I really like the way they are growing. Transparency on PR issue will make me love them even more.

The Google PageRank blog, if they implement it, will be a big hit because all bloggers/webmasters will be visiting it frequently.

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