Rwanda News Agency reports that Rwandese President Paul Kagame has indicated to the One-Laptop-Per-Child project that his government will buy laptops from the new sales promotion scheme ‘Give 1 and Get 1’ (GIGI). The One Laptop Per Child Project is a brain-child of American Prof. Nicholas Negroponte. This Project will be offering a ‘Give 1 and Get 1’ (G1G1) promotion. For US$399, a person in a developed country will be purchasing two XO laptops. One that will be sent to a child in a developing nation and one that will be sent to their child at home. It is planned that by the end of this year, five million of the laptops will be delivered to developing countries, in one of the most ambitious educational exercises ever undertaken.

It has been reported that the Rwandan government has promised that it will buy a second laptop for every laptop that will be brought to Rwanda. This means that there will be two laptops coming to Rwanda on every single consignment. John Visser from Nortel Networks – one of the major companies sponsoring the One-Laptop-Per-Child project (OLPC), said

President Paul Kagame has indicated that his government will in fact convert this (G1G1) for Rwanda to a ‘Give 2 and Get 1’ because for everyone that is purchased for Rwanda, government will buy another to make 2

President Kagame apparently made the commitment at a meeting in New York with Prof. Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of the OLPC group. Kagame was there for the UN General Assembly.

I salute President Kagame and his crew. That’s the way to go! He was busy hatching out such a great deal while other African leaders were busy enjoying themselves.Let other African leaders learn from President Kagame. To me, this does not come as a surprise. Unlike most countries in SubSahara Africa, the Rwandese government is making a deliberate effort to become the ICT hub of the region. It is good business decisions like these that will help Rwanda to achieve that goal. Does anyone know what other African countries are doing concerning the One Laptop Per Child Project? Is there any capacity building, civic education or preparatory action taking place?Remember that this project starts on 12 November, 2007. Our colleagues out there are very serious. They want to help us.Let us not let them down.

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