Two weeks ago, Google penalized some blogs and websites for selling PageRank. Now, Techcruch reports that there has been a second wave of the crackdown and that many sites have been affected. Andy Beard reports that some of the affected blogs are Digg favorites. I am of the view that Google must reward obedient blogs (those blogs which do not have link farms) as they wage their Jihad against the so-called blog link farms.

I feel for the guys whose blogs and websites have been affected. But I would like to encourage them to continue improving their blogs by writing good stuff other than cursing Google. Such tactics will not help them because Google as the owner of the search engine have the right to make changes according to their liking. If the affected bloggers continue writing good stuff, other bloggers will link to them, their posts will make it big on digg, stumbleupon and other social booking marking sites and the traffic flow and the value of the their blogs will remain in tact.

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