My buddies at BlogCatalog’s Bloggers and Blogging group recommended Smorty to me. They said that it is a great service and I felt like giving it a try just like I always do with most of these online services. I do this simply because at present you cannot predict the next big online service. Some pundits have goofed badly in this area in the past. What they wrote off eventually became the big thing and what they recommended to be the next big thing folded up the next day. Such are the dynamics of the web!

For people who want to get paid for blogging, Smorty is a service for you. Just like several other emerging services, Smorty connects advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. One thing that I like about Smorty is that the blog approval process is fast. They emphasize that the blog must be indexed in Google and Yahoo as one of the requirements. They recommend that posts must be more than 150 words and in correct grammar and English.

My smorty experiment has begun today!I will keep you informed as we go along. I just hope that it will a wonderful smorty adventure.

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