At the ongoing PostieCon event, IZEA‘s CEO Ted Murphy has announced that in January 2008, they will launch SocialSpark, a “social network” for advertisers and publishers (bloggers). This will serve as a matchmaking network for bloggers and the advertisers.

I managed to get first hand information from Jim Kukral’s blog.

Jim is one of the speakers at the PostieCon event. He reveals that Ted Murphy told him that with the coming of SocialSpark, every publisher, in order to get paid, will have to ensure that

  1. Every link in the paid post is nofollow.
  2. A disclosure badge is included in the post.

With the PageRank upheaval of October 2007, many advertizers have resorted to asking publishers not to put a disclosure badge inside the paid post.They have strictly been opting for a a site wide disclosure only for fear of a Google crackdown, I guess. It is quite interesting to note that SocialSpark will enforce the nofollow attribute for every link in the paid post. With that done, publishers will have the freedom to disclose that theirs is sponsored review without any fear of the search giants.Google will surely like this! Is IZEA (PayPerPost) dancing to Google’s tune now?