One of the recent sites that I have really liked is As you can see, this site offers an advertisement free guide to choosing the right web host for your personal or business site.

The site’s focus is on a searchable directory that will let you find web hosting plans suitable for a small site or for a large e-commerce website. It also offers a learning area where the the basics of web hosting are explained. The site has a quick start guide that will have you on your way to creating a web site. An FAQ page , which carries answers to most common questions about web hosts, is also available. For those of you who have specialized in fields that are not ICT related, this presents a great opportunity to get a simple website running without parting with some $$$ in order to have it done by an ICT person.

If I had found this site much earlier, it would have been very nice because two weeks ago I registered my own domain name and I paid for web hosting services to a certain web hosting service. I had to do a lot of searching on the net and crosschecking the web host’s information before deciding to settle on this host. If I had visited web hosting choice, my work would have been much easier. But for those of you who want to register domain names and put up your own sites, web hosting choice would be an important resource to look at.

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