I have been a member of Entrecard for the past two days. So far so good, I am really enjoying the experience. Entrecard is country miles better than BlogRush. If you are on BlogRush, you will not make a mistake if you come along with me to Entrecard. The amount of traffic that I have received on my blog from Entrecard during the past two days is more than all the traffic that I had received for BlogRush for a period of about three months when I had their widget on my blog. Although the situation is like this, Entrecard faces one major challenge traffic wise.

Entrecard traffic has a high bounce rate. Fatkid, a guy whose blog I discovered yesterday courtesy of the same Entrecard, points out that the bounce rate on Entrecard traffic can be as high as 70%. He even asks whether the proper name for this service is Entrecard or Exitcard. Rocky, a great blogger friend of mine, has just missed out on high paying advertizing offer, because the prospective advertiser discovered that his site has a high bounce rate. This advertiser further pointed out to him that he must not use Blog Explosion, Entrecard and similar services to boost your blog traffic. According to Rocky, he does not use Blog Explosion but he is a great Entrecard user. This is further confirmation that Entrecard traffic is characterized by high bounce rates. But why is it like this? Well, in my analysis, I establish that it all boils down to the way Entrecard rewards its users. John Cow was the first guy to point out this problem. In his post entitled the the Last Drop for Entrecard, he writes:

Unfortunately the current system “Effort=Reward” has become unusable since it has been encouraging this form of ‘gaming the system’ and the end result causes a distorted view of how popular a blog really is on the outside world.

The current rewarding system on Entrecard must be changed forthwith otherwise Entrecard will soon be condemned to the deadpool. I suggest that the rewarding system must include the following parameters, besides the number of drops:

  1. The amount of time spent on a particular blog.
  2. The number of clicks made to other posts on that blog.
  3. The number of comments left on that blog.

I hope that this post will help the Entrecard crew to rectify this problem before its too late.

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