The Short Course on Wireless Networking for Developing Countries which I announced last month was officially opened today by the University of Malawi’s Dean of Engineering, Dr Ben. This course has attracted participants from all over Malawi.

Today, we had some exciting sessions on Radio Propagation, Antennas and Link Budget Analysis. We will continue tomorrow with Modulation techniques, Networking Basics and IP Addressing, Routing and Subnetting.
This course will run up to Friday, 14 March 2007. I, therefore, would like to ask my online colleagues, especially the ones on StumbleUpon and BlogCatalog, to bear with me this week as I try to put more than 100% into this short course. I hope Midomssh, kevino and all my SU and BC buddies will understand this. Not so, guys?

I will be back rocking the blogosphere in full force next week. But If I happen to pop in with a post or two, do not be surprised. Blogging is becoming more and more part of me.