I visited the iwebtool page for the first time in July 2007. I was prompted to visit the site because for sometime I had been receiving a good number of visitors on my blog from their backlink checker service.

My curiosity to know more about them drove me to their page and I instantly fell in love with their Backlink checker, PageRank Checker and Google PageRank Prediction tools.

The performance of these tools was great such that I could not even think of searching for other tools. When one searches for “PageRank Checker” on Google, the first position was always occupied by the iwebtool home page. Such was the dominance of the iwebtool page!

Towards the end of 2007, I began to notice some problems with their services. The PageRank checker service became so inconsistent. Apart from the inaccuracies and differences in the PageRank results from different Data Centers (DCs), some results were above the PR range of 1 to 10. Some friends of mine on BlogCatalog also took note of this problem. At first, I thought that this was probably a temporal problem. But now 4 months into 2008, the problem continues. Their backlink checker service also produces few back links compared to the Google webmastertools. The PageRank prediction system is not functioning at all.

The iwebtool home page has lost its first position on Google SERPs for the “PageRank Checker” key word. With all these developments, I tend to wonder if the iwebtool people are still there out there? Please give me a shout and let me know what you are doing in order to reclaim your lost glory.