I arrived in Japan on Thursday night at about 20:00hrs Japanese time. I initially intended to write one post while in Johannesburg but I failed because my schedule was so tight. Let me also take this as opportunity to issue an apology to Candy, Arnold, Richard, Gary and many others for failing to link up with them while in South Africa.

I flew from Jo’burg to Hong Kong on South African Airways (SAA) again.It was a 13hour flight but it was delayed for two hours. We started off from Jo’burg at about 19:00 (South African time) and arrived in Hong Kong at about 14:00 (Hong Kong time). In spite of the delay in Jo’burg, I still managed to catch my final flight (Japan Airlines) at 14:50. I, however, was afraid that my bag was going to be delayed at Hong Kong International Airport because of the little connecting time. But I thank God because I found my bag upon arrival at Narita International Airport. This was great because all my stuff was in the bag!

Now I am three days old here. Everything looks strange but the Japanese people are so nice and friendly. It also looks so crime free compared to South Africa. I will be attending some orientation sessions on Monday.