I have been extremely busy for the past week. I had my first presentation in my lab last Monday. Yesterday, I took a short Kanji test.Today I took a Japanese grammar test. My presence on the net was heavily limited. To make matters worse, I had to write some slides from the scratch because I lost some of the slides that I had used when presenting my work at some conferences. I had very few hours of sleep on Sunday, the day before my presentation. I had to make sure that I do not goof simply because the first impression makes a lasting impression.

My presentation, judging by the response from my advisor and colleagues in the lab, was fine. It included my brief background, home country (Malawi), MSc research and PhD plans. At the end, my advisor suggested that I extend one part of my MSc work and get some more results so that we can submit the paper to an IEEE Journal. I will be busy with this work from next week while on the other hand, I undergo my Japanese language lessons.

The Kanji test covered the first 20 Kanji characters in the Zero Kara No Kanji book while the grammar test covered lessons 10 up to 17 in the Minna no Nihongo 1 book. Both tests were easier than I expected.

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