In the evening of Thursday, 1st May, 2008, I had a great outing in Shinsen. Mr. Shimpei Mori, Mr. Kiyoshi Chikaoka and Mr. Akitoshi Nomoto took me to one of the restaurants where we had dinner together. These guys are former Japanese volunteers in Malawi. We ate a lot of delicious stuff. We had a good three hours of chatting. They shared their Malawian experiences with me. They also laughed at me when I said “Watashi wa Malawi-jin desu”, in Japanese, which means “I am a Malawian natonal”. They laughed at me because this reminded them about Malawi Gin, a popular spirit in Malawi. They also pointed out that the Japanese word “doomo” has the same meaning as the Chichewa word “zikomo”.

Mr Chikaoka also told me that he still keeps a DVD of Malawian music. He specially mentioned the song that was done by Fugie Kasipa and Njati Njedede. 

Although the food was not photographed, trust me it was nice. Chikaoka-san is also missing out because he was the one taking most of these photos. Towards the end of our outing, as I was preparing to contribute to the bill, Mr Mori told me that the three of them will pay the whole bill as it was my welcome dinner. I felt greatly honored by their kind gesture. I am very grateful to them for the sumptuous dinner. Arigatoo gozaimasu (Thank you very much)!

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