As the price of fuel continues to increase, Genepax, a Japanese company, has stepped in with an innovative solution which will surely transform the automobile industry.Last Thursday, in Osaka, this company unveiled a car that uses water as fuel and does not emit CO2.
Genepax Japan Osaka automobile

Prototyped vehicle (Photo:TechOn News)

On the other hand, a wikipedia article has already criticized this piece of innovation saying that

The car as it is described by Genepax is a Perpetual Motion device. Such a device or system would be in violation of the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can never be created or destroyed, and is therefore impossible. If Genepax would succeed in proving that their claims are true, then the theory of relativity as well as other aspects of modern science will be disproven.

The only alternative would be that Genepax is currently misleading the media as well as the public, and that a different source of energy is used for the car.

Although I am a huge fan of wikipedia, I do not like this sort of of criticism. If someone has some good scientific facts against this piece of innovation, they should just come in the open and air them out. Why do they like hiding behind wikipedia?I somehow think these anonymous critics are folks whose business interests are being threatened by this development. Is it not scientific to prove that some traditional scientific theories are wrong?Obviously, you cannot easily come up with some ground breaking research results if you stick to the traditional way of doing things. As far as I am concerned, some laws of science are bound to be disproved. That is why research is still taking place.

It is my hope that further experiments will be carried out on this car and that automobile companies will support this initiative overwhelmingly.When this car makes it to the showrooms, the world will be transformed!

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