It cannot get sweeter than this!The Malawi National Team (aka the Flames) yesterday stunned the Egyptian National Team (Pharaohs) by 1-0 in a joint World Cup/Africa Cup of Nations qualifier played in Blantyre yesterday. As a Malawian who ardently follows soccer, I would like to congratulate coach Kinnah Phiri, the techincal team and the players for a job well done. Chiukepo Msowoya (the scorer), you rock!!!You have reminded me the days of late Frank “Burruchanga” Mtawali who scored a brilliant goal against the same team in the 90s. We won that game by 1 goal to nil as well.But this time it is even sweeter because Egyptians just won their second consecutive African Cup of Nations early this year. I wish the Flames all the best as they invade Cairo next weekend for the second leg. We are 100% behind you here at

I hope people at the Football Association of Malawi will now believe that we do not necessarily need a highly paid expatriate coach to make it big in football. Of course, some expatriate coaches like Kim Splidsboel were very good.But generally, most expatriate coaches gallivanting the African continent and earning a lot of tax payer’s money in the process are not good enough. If you think that I am lying, compare Steve Constantine’s work with that of Kinnah Phiri. It is this lack of belief in our own products that continues to kill us in Africa.


Wilbau has put up a short photo safari about the Malawi-Egypt game. These photos were taken by his daughter Petra who is doing some volunteer work in Malawi. Petra was one of the 40,000 fans that witnessed the Flames victory over the Pharaoh’s last weekend. I picked out three photos for you as shown below.

Malawi Soccer fans

Malawi soccer fans

Malawi and Egpyt in action at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre, Malawi


Jubilant Malawi supporters after the match