From my recent keyword analysis, I have noticed that there is an increasing number of visitors reaching my Genepax water car post through the following search terms: genepax conference tokyo, genepax clement, car runs on water osaka japan, osaka water car, http.www.genepax. This development comes as a huge surprise to me because lots of blogs with higher Google PageRank than mine have written about the Genepax water car issue.

In my efforts to make sure that I meet the needs of these curious visitors, a few days ago, I visited the Genepax website with an aim of finding out some recent developments and bloggable issues. From there, I learnt that they are planning to make an English presentation and demonstration of their fuel cell here in Tokyo and that all interested parties had to make a reservation before hand. In light of this, I sent them an email expressing my interest in attending their demonstration and presentation. They did not reply immediately.They only got back to me today.Here is their response:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your email and taking interest in our technlogy WES.

And we are very sorry for our late response since we have too much email to read and answer. And please excuse us to get to you back with formatted email.

First of all we are not car manufacturer. We have invented fuel cell which produces electricity and heat from water and no outside energy whatsoever.

English version of our website has opened for further information.

Upon your request of interviews or any other media coverage, we are happy to do so when we are ready with factual performance data to proof our technology and hopefully announce our partner companies application development with WES.

Our press conference will be scheduled after we have materials to proof our technology.

Genepax priority today is to take data, produce commercial products, and negotiate with cooperative company in Japan and of course abroad.

Our mission is not profit but to quickly distribute our technology WES to face environmental issues.

We will announce any new movement made by Genepax on our website.

Thank you for understanding Genepax.

Best regards,

Jun Onishi
PR Manager

I am looking forward to their presentation here in Tokyo.But more than I am impressed with their mission -Our mission is not profit but to quickly distribute our technology WES to face environmental issues. These guys are driven by the urgency of now. I hope that they will continue to stick to this mission. I fear that they might steer away from this great mission when some rich companies entice them with large sums of money.