Migrating to this self-hosted WordPress blog has been one of the most exciting events in my journey as a blogger. Now I can tap into the huge extension capabilities of WordPress (WP) and grow my online community easily. It has also given me an opportunity to improve my PHP and server-side skills in general. Despite these advantages, life as a self-hosted WP blogger can sometimes be a nightmare.

The frequent WP version releases have been too much to handle for a busy person like me. When I joined the self-hosted WP bandwagon, I installed WP Version 2.3.1.Since then, there have been a number of version updates and out of all these, I only managed one upgrade, a security update, courtesy of Alex Sysoef who produced a summary of the files that had been updated. I uploaded only those specific files and managed to perform the upgrade. But when it comes to major upgrades, I have so far not performed any. I have always said to myself I will do it when I am free. But with the passage of time, new WP versions got released and I still could not find the time for upgrading my site.

As I was still preparing to upgrade to WP Version 2.5, I shocked to learn that Version 2.6 had been released. When I checked the WP Roadmap, I discovered that these frequent updates are well planned and not just a mere coincidence.They say that after the 2.1 release, they decided to adopt a regular release schedule every 3-4 months with the features primarily driven by ideas voted on by users. In light of this development, I started looking for a plugin that would help me to upgrade my blog automatically. It was a speculative exercise because I had never heard of any automatic WP upgrade plugin before. But fortunately enough, the first page that I got from my Google search gave me this automatic WP ugrade plugin by Keith Dsouza. I went on to install it on my site and managed to upgrade my blog from WP 2.31 to WP 2.6  within 20 minutes. I could not believe it!!! Keith, you have made my day. Now that I am armed with this important plug-in, I would like to ask the WP team to keep on realesing the new WP versions. They can even be releasing them on a daily basis now.

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