Of late, my Facebook friends network has been growing rapidly. As of today, I have 610 Facebook friends. One of my new friends happens to be Melissa Coates who works for  eXfuze, a company that produces Seven+, a proprietary blend of extracts from nutrient-rich berries in the world.This drink has been endorsed by the following sports personalities:Keith Byars, Eric Dickerson, Fred Funk, Bill Parcells, Seth Joyner, Lawrence Taylor, Nat Moore and Terry Botchellor.For more about this drink, watch this Youtube video:

EXfuse is planning to launch Seven+ here in Japan on 8 August, 2008. Melissa has asked me to be part of the pre-launch team. She will be sending me a sample of Seven+ once the legal issues are sorted out. Those of you interested in joining as Seven+ distributors are invited to watch this 20 minute presentation for more details about this product  and the financial opportunities that come along with it. The sign up process is still by invitation only at this stage.Please give me a shout through the comment section when you want to sign up. Cheers!