Today, I stumbled on John Chow’s post in which he announces that he made a whopping $40,125.99 in the month of June, 2008. Guess what?At the beginning of the month of August, 2008, he will produce another report announcing the amount of money that he will make this month. Clearly, these amounts are too huge to be made by simply writing articles on the Internet. I do not even know anyone as yet whose monthly salary reaches these levels.

Although the success of a blog is oftentimes attributed to one individual, the truth is that the power behind every blog lies in the quantity and quality of its readership. Without a huge and high quality readership base, a blog will not succeed no matter how creative the author can be. Therefore, it is in this line of thinking, that I would like to call upon mega bloggers like John and the rest to consider rewarding their readers by paying them a certain percentage (10% or 20%) of their monthly blog earnings.This will not leave these mega bloggers in red simply because they will just be sharing a percentage of what they have earned in a particular month. They will have to devise a way of rewarding their readers based on their level of activity(number of visits, comments and their value etc.) in a particular month. If that is not possible, then the cash will have to be shared equally amongst all the registered readers.

Rewarding readers in this way will have a two-fold effect. Firstly, readers will be motivated to be visiting their blogs again and again. This will also cause new readers who were previously hesitant, to start flocking to their blogs resulting in more traffic and obviously more money.Secondly, any mega blogger who will follow my advice will be making even more money because of the great biblical principle which says…Blessed is the one that giveth than the one that receiveth.