The Daily Times reports that the Mzuzu Coffee Association of Malawi will from next month start exporting its coffee to the niche United Kingdom market. This development follows a deal that the Mzuzu Coffee Association secured with a UK based company at the 20th international trade fair held in Blantyre.

According to the Daily Times, The Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Mr Harrison Kalua, who also serves as president of Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI), said

We had four objectives for attending the fair; to secure deals with foreign companies, local companies, promoting coffee consumption in Malawi and partnering with restaurant owners so that we can be supplying our coffee.

This is a yet another good development for Malawi. Congrats to Mr Kalua and his team for their efficient organization. I am greatly impressed with their efforts. I was so thrilled to see Mzuzu Coffee , the crop that was abandoned by my grandfather in the early 90s because it was less profitable, being exhibited at the African Fair in Yokohama, Japan.Since then, I have been following the developments on Mzuzu Coffee closely. I will be writing about Mzuzu Coffee on this blog from time to time. I hope that by doing so, many people from other countries will get to know Mzuzu Coffee and more business opportunities will be created.