Colleagues, I am kinda confused here. I am trying to find out the de facto Wireless Sensor Network Simulator. I have done a lot of searching on the Internet with very limited success. The more I search, the greater the number of new simulators that pop up. At some point, I landed on Tranh Minh Tam’s research blog and I felt that long at last, I was going to be helped.But alas! Poor me.The more I looked at Tam’s list of Wireless Sensor Network Simulators, the more I got confused.

Previously, I used to do research on Active Queue Management (AQM) Systems. I have a good working knowledge of NS-2. Then I did not have any problems because NS-2 was the de facto open source simulator for things to do with AQM. Now as I embark on Wireless Sensor Network research, I have discovered that NS-2 on its own does not support WSNs. Some extensions are needed for it to support WSNs. But I have read a number of papers that say that NS-2 is not a good simulator for WSNs even when some extensions have been added. In light of this development, I want someone to let me know the best and most frequently used WSN simulator out there before I commit my precious time to anyone of these simulators. For any simulator that you point out to me, please give some reasons as to why you think it is the best. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!