A few days ago, Mashable published 35 online tools for teachers, tutors and students. After going through the list, for obvious reasons, I got so interested in online teaching and tutoring jobs. I have been tutoring high school as well University students on private basis for sometime now. Sometime next year, after I make tangible progress in my research, I would like to start tutoring some students here in Tokyo. A friend of mine is already tutoring in Maths and Science.In this kind of tutorship, one has to travel to a particular home and meet the student(s) physically. One has to spend a lot of time traveling and, of course, incur travel costs.

Therefore, online tutoring would be such a great joy for most of us! In some cases, in order for one to deliver an online course, he or she must have access to the following:

  • A personal computer with a broad band Internet access
  • Computer speakers and a microphone
  • Internet telephone software Skype

It is that simple. No need of paying for taxi or train tickets and yes no need of wasting time in the trains and the subway. I hope to pursue these online opportunities along with the offline ones sometime next year. But for those of you who are fired up and ready to go, allow me to share with you the list of these online tutoring opportunities:

  • Aim4a.com – A company that provides online tutoring opportunities. It uses services such as Skype to allow you to tutor anyone, anywhere from the comfort of your home.
  • BuddySchool.com – Set your own payment level, methods of payment, form of teaching and more with this online tutoring platform.
  • Educate-Online.com – The popular service has gone online with tutoring options at their Educate-Online site.
  • GlobalScholar.com – Students can ask questions or take full classes. Tutors’ level of involvement is flexible as well.
  • OnlineLearning.net – Allows you to teach full online courses in a variety of subjects.
  • Tutor.com – Provides 24/7 online tutoring that even records the session so you can review what you went over with the tutor while engaged with them.  Offers things such as proof reading of papers, help with math and more at all hours of the day or night.
  • TutorVista.com – Allows you to work four hours a day. Students can request sessions with you as they build a relationship with you.

My only concern is that the folks in Africa, who are paid peanuts and need these opportunities the most, will not be able to benefit from these opportunities due to low Internet bandwidth. For instance, in Malawi, it is extremely difficult to use skype in most places. A friend of mine who works in the Systems Administration team of a big organization, which has a higher Internet bandwidth than most local institutions, speaks with me on skype only on weekends when all the other employees are at home.

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