Guess what? Yesterday, I turned 32.I went to Church and had a great worship time and Korean food thereafter. By the way, I am a member of the Full Gospel Tokyo Church, a branch of the Yoido Full Gospel Church founded by Rev David Yonggi Cho. After the church service, I came back to my room at around 15:00hrs (Japan Time). As I was having a quiet time in my room, I logged in to my email account and I found that the Blogcatalog team had sent me a message.. After I logged in to my BlogCatalog account, I discovered that their message read as follows:

Happy Birthday from BlogCatalog! To celebrate we have provided you with a free 1 month premium membership.

Over the past two days, I have received a lot of “happy birthday” messages but Blogcatalog’s has been one of the best. Thanks for spicing up my birthday with the free 1 month premium membership.You guys rock!!!